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Your customers are your company’s most valuable asset and you need to keep them.

So why, when there are many companies that can provide consulting services, should you choose Noble CRM Solutions to help you keep your customers coming back?

Well, quite simply it’s because we have a different approach.

We know that when you’re running a business you are so busy that some of the most important things - like keeping in touch with your customers, will be forgotten. We also realize that it is unrealistic to expect busy business owners to run a database and create personalised mailings.

That’s why we do it all for you – and that’s what makes us unique.

David Noble, our Managing Director and senior consultant, has been described as a “passionate expert” in the field of Customer Relationship Management. He has spent over 24 years in a wide variety of service-based and retail operations both in the UK and Australia. He now trains individuals and businesses on building and maintaining better relationships with their customers through database construction and the use of CRM software as well as advice on copy writing, direct mailing and more.

He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from one of the UK’s best business schools, numerous postgraduate certifications and is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Management.

David Says...
The current economic climate makes it vital that all businesses who want to survive do something to keep their customers. Too many companies are looking at their dwindling profits and blaming their falling sales on rising interest rates but never wonder if it’s just because their ex-customers are now spending their money with somebody else.

If you don’t keep in touch with your customers, they’ll forget about you. Its sounds like common sense but I’m sure that most business owners reading this right now are feeling pangs of guilt about not doing anything about it.

But feeling guilty doesn’t help anything. Not keeping in touch with your customers is as much a problem to your business as failing to complete your BAS returns or paying your invoices. It won’t go away and the longer you leave it, the worse it gets. In my entire career, I have yet to read a single book on business management that says anything different.

The crazy thing is that it’s a really simple thing to fix – all it takes is an open mind and a willingness to invest in a few hours of their time to talk about their business with someone who can give good, practical advice on customer relationship management and some of the simple, low-cost options that modern technology can offer.

When you work with us, you will gain far more than a CRM consultant; you will also enter into a relationship with fellow professionals who care about you and your customers and whose services will always exceed your expectations.


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