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Personalised email newsletters, e-zines and sales letters are just about the most effective and inexpensive media ever developed for creating and maintaining relationships with your customers. They are also the ideal tool to try out new campaigns and test different offers

Noblemailer is a superb email marketing system that brings cutting edge automated marketing, email creation, online surveys and campaign analytics technology within the budget of any sized business.

These are just 8 reasons why your business needs Noblemailer

Noblemailer is effective. Use it and you will grab and keep your audience's attention with messages that look good and have so much impact that they'll WANT to read - and pass on to their friends

Noblemailer is affordable - for as little as $30 per month you can include Noblemailer in your marketing mix.

Noblemailer is efficient. Struggling to format a basic desktop email that includes images is a waste of your valuable time. What's more, different settings on your custmers' computers means it will probably look awful when they open it. Noblemailer lets you choose and modify any number of professionally created templates to which you can add your own images and as much or as little text as you want - and they'll look just as great on your customers' screens too.

Its easy to use - Step by step wizards guide you through the whole process from importing and segmenting your database, creating great looking templates, choosing who will get the emails and finally sending them out. Of course, if you want help in putting it all together - or even managing the whole process just talk to Noble CRM solutions!

Getting your customers to spread the word about your business is essential - every personalised Noblemailer message you send can include a "Send to a friend" link. All they have to do is enter their friend's email address, click on button and they'll get a copy too. (How much easier could it be to get a new prospect?!)

Worried about Spam? Good. You should be. Because sending unsolicited email it could cost your business thousands of dollars in fines and many lost customers. Noblemailer takes care of that by ensuring that everyone on your mailing list has to choose to receive your e-news. If they change their mind later, there's the built-in (and legally required) "Unsubscribe" button too.

Noblemailer puts you in control of your campaigns. Detailed reports provide you with real-time information to track what's happening to all your messages. Who's actually opened them? Who's followed a hyperlink to a particular page on your website to check out your offer? Send out two different test versions of an offer and find out which one is getting most interest straight away!

Noblemailer isn't just about email either! Do you need to start sending out SMS reminders or quick response marketing campaigns? Use the same database and use Noblemailer to manage your SMS campaigns too.

...and finally a bonus 9th reason!

Noblemailer gives you a FREE 30-day trial for you to try it out for yourself.

Don't wait any longer! Just click here and bring a heavyweight punch to your marketing!


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