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Keeping in touch with your customers is essential, but the more you do the more important it becomes to keep a record of who you’ve spoken to, what documents you’ve sent them, which marketing material you’ve sent and who you’ve sent it to. The list is huge.

But how can you keep track of all this vitally important material?

You probably have the solution sitting on your computer right now – without even realising it!

Microsoft Outlook provides the perfect starting point for any customer-focused business wishing to create a simple but powerful database.

The facts….

  1. Everyone who has Microsoft Office already has Outlook installed on their computer.
  2. Outlook should NOT be confused or compared with Outlook Express. Outlook Express is a basic email programme with limited calendar functions.
  3. Outlook can be customised to suit virtually any need.
  4. All your existing contacts in Outlook Express can be easily exported to Microsoft Outlook.

The possibilities are endless…
When you use Outlook you can change the way you run your business….

  • Manage and organize all of your contact information.
  • Keep a record of every meeting and track all your phone calls, meetings, letters or any other form of communication with your contacts.
  • Send personalised e-mails to some or all of your customers and clients and say goodbye to long lists of Bcc addresses or -even worse - accidentally sending out an email with ALL your customer’s addresses.
  • Create templates for frequently used emails and streamline your systems.
  • Quickly insert new events into your calendar to schedule your appointments and link them to associated notes and documents stored on your computer.
  • Manage your workday by keeping track of the tasks you need to accomplish.

The training…
With a good trainer, learning how to use Outlook is not difficult.

The real benefit that training with Noble CRM brings is that you will not only gain valuable skills but that we will tailor the training to suit the way that you run your business.

Eight hours’ training is provided and we will be using your computer and your data. The training is usually spread over two 4-hour sessions, These are usually scheduled one week apart to give you an opportunity to try new skills and identify any specific challenges.

Contact Noble CRM Solutions on 1300 662 231 NOW to find out more.

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