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The easy way to talk to the right customers every time.

Imagine that one of your suppliers is running a special promotion – it’s an amazing offer and you don’t want to miss out. But things are tight and the last thing you want is to have money tied up in stock.

What you’d really like is to be able to sell it on straight away – but how do you know which customers are most likely to be interested and how can you tell them about it?

The answer is simple. You use youGROW to search your MYOB RetailManager database to find these special customers and have a personalised e-mail or letter on its way to them within minutes!

They’ll love you for offering them a great deal and made a tidy profit. Everyone’s a winner!

Simple and effective, youGROW software allows anyone using MYOB’s Retail Manager to easily export all their customers’ contact details and purchasing history straight into Microsoft Outlook.

Save time and money by only targeting those customers you KNOW are most likely to respond.

Search your database to identify customers and clients by any combination of criteria including;

  • All goods and services purchased listed by category and/or description
  • The total number and value of all their purchases
  • Their average dollar spend per purchase
  • The dates and value of their of their first purchase
  • The dates and value of their of their most recent purchase

Once you have this information there’s no limit to what you can do with it…we’ve seen how it can be used to contact past customers but how about sending a welcome note to all your new customers? There’s no better way to start building their loyalty!

When is your next sales event? Use Outlook’s simple mail merge commands to send personalised letters and e-mails to customers to tell them about promotions and special offers.

youGROW is the first targeted CRM solution for retailers using MYOB RetailManager.

Included in your investment of $2,695 is a full eight hours on-site training and consultation on how to use Outlook to reach your customer base by email and post.

Not only that, but our training and ongoing support continues to give you immediate results as we work with you through your first two campaigns.

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